Conversations are easy with Avaza Chat

Get a powerful business communication platform that’s as simple as your social chat apps.

The most innovative Work Focused Chat

Finally, your work discussions can stay focused, relevant & discoverable.

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Unified Team Chat

Avaza has introduced the first all-in-one Project Management Chat solution. This is a truly business-focused team chat solution, with a centralised inbox for both your Task Discussions, Direct & themed Channel discussions.

Stop losing knowledge in general chats

In other chat systems, project and task-specific knowledge gets lost among long general chats. Avaza solves this with a unique innovation: Task discussions are now first-class citizens, with their own area in your Chat Inbox. Task focused chats remain linked to their task and always discoverable.

Enjoy a clean and capable chat app

Avaza Chat makes enterprise communication easy, with a lightweight app that’s designed for conversational flow.

Start simple, flexible conversations

You can start a direct conversation with any coworker, or create a group chat, inside a streamlined and easy-to-use interface.

Find your chats faster

Avaza Chat is easy to navigate. Your private and group chats live in separate tabs, and they’re ordered by how recently they’ve received an update – just like most social apps.

You can also search for a conversation, so there’s no need to scroll through lists.

Attach files and format your text

Attach and share images, videos, or documents, then ‘mention’ a colleague to get their attention. Make your point heard with italic, bold, or strikethrough text – and add emojis.

Say goodbye to messy threads

Avaza Chat uses embedded replies. Now you can highlight a comment in your reply, instead of distracting everyone with a parallel thread.

Turn conservations into tasks (coming soon)

Make your chats more productive. You can ‘mention’ a project or task, access project resources inside Avaza Chat, or turn a chat message into a task.

Make your business chat more social

Avaza Chat makes it simple to start and continue conversations, thanks to a multi-platform chat app that’s clean and easy-to-use.

Start and follow chats effortlessly

Just click one button to start a new direct chat, or create a new channel. Make sure you never miss an important discussion - with push notifications for iOS and Android.

Chat anywhere, on any device

Enjoy Avaza Chat on almost any smartphone, tablet, or computer - with no need to tie your account to a particular device, or phone number.

For all platforms

Take Avaza chat anywhere with our web and mobile apps

Draw a line between home and work

By now, you might have gathered that Avaza Chat feels like the simple, streamlined chat apps that you already use to keep in touch with friends and family. 

Sadly, some enterprise chat applications are so heavy and complex that it can be tempting to use a social media app to ping simple requests to your colleagues. 

With Avaza Chat’s lightweight interface you can draw a firm line between your personal life and business activities.

Use channels to organize your chats

Make projects happen faster. Organize your conversations and make them accessible - so the right people are kept up to speed.

Streamline your team communication

Team channels can replace your stack of desk chats, team meetings, and group emails. Use them to ask questions, introduce new team members, share best practices, and more.

Drive projects forward faster

Project channels offer dedicated spaces to discuss each project. Your team can collaborate, make announcements, share files, and more.

Unified Team Messaging

Avaza Chat can handle conversations across your business, which frees your team from badly-integrated chat applications and messy email chains.

Your chats are organized into channels that cover each topic. Users can join channels on-demand to catch up on any topic, instead of asking for emails to be forwarded.

Keep confidential chats private

Private channels are hidden from non-members. Use them to discuss confidential topics like company financials, strategic initiatives, human resource topics, and more.

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Jessica HarlandDigital Producer at ToyFight

Avaza is definitely the most versatile Project Management tool I have ever used. The fact that I can create an estimate, turn it into a project, schedule resources, track timesheets, report on projects, upload documents, communicate with my team and clients and invoice clients is amazing.

What else does Avaza have to offer?

Avaza is ideal for many types of business. Mix and match any of the modules to suit your needs.